Touched by ‘Children of Heaven’

Note : Movie spoilers ahead ..

Its after quite a while that managed to see a movie which made sense and was meaningful. Children of Heaven woke me up to the fact that there is cinema beyond Hollywood and Bollywood which does not jump on the commercial bandwagon and is true to heart. The story is as simple as it can get, revolving around a 9 year old boy (Ali) who manages to lose his sister’s (Zahara) sneakers by mistake. The family is too poor to be able to buy a new pair and hence the kids hide this loss from their parents. Being in a country where school timings differ for girls and boys, they both share Ali’s sneakers wearing them in rotation.

The kids act in the most natural manner, showing maturity far beyond their years which their economic reality has brought on them. One of the most striking scenes is when Zahara is frustrated by the over sized sneaker she has had to wear and damages it while coming back from school. Being defensive she lashes out at his brother and threatens to tell their Dad about him losing her sneakers. Ali on the other hand retorts by telling her that he is not afraid of the berating by his Dad but rather more concerned of his inability to buy new shoes till month end.

The movie moves onto Ali getting an opportunity to participate in a race where the third prize are sneakers. He looks forward to this as his redemption and a way to make his sister’s life easier. His eventual disappointment at not being able to do so and the unspoken sadness between him and Zahara as a result of this are perhaps one of the most beautiful scenes i have ever seen in any cinema.

In a world which gets complex by the day,  movies reflect this reality with their ever increasing attempts at better graphics, intricate mind games and crazy story plots. Children of Heaven is a welcome departure from all this. It dwells on simple human emotions, simple values and even a simpler story. Goes right it into my top ten. Thanks, Debs for the recommendation.

Rain in Houston

Rain in Houston

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This was taken at the HMNS while we waited for a thunderstorm to go away. Nice monochrome feature in the Casio !

Porting OpenWRT to a WRAP board

Building OpenWRT for the Kamikaze branch is mostly a smooth affair with good tutorials like this one guiding a novice through this unknown territory. The basic steps one needs to follow can be summed up as :

  1. Checkout the latest branch using svn — svn co
  2. Configure by changing directory into trunk and running make menuconfig
  3. Choose Target System as x86 [2.6]
  4. Multiple target images can be created, but we stuck to choosing ext2 filesystem. Also , you can decide the size of your partitions as per the size of the compact flash drive which you are using.
  5. Customize as per your liking.
  6. Once the configuration has been saved, go ahead and make . This takes time so be patient.
  7. Next your image should be ready in /trunk/bin directory — openwrt-x86-2.6-ext2.image
  8. You can transfer this to your CF card using the dd utility e.g. dd if=/home/test/trunk/bin/openwrt-x86-2.6-ext2.image of=/dev/sdc where /dev/sdc was the CF card.

This works except for one hiccup. There is a file missing which GRUB needs to map BIOS devices to OS devices. So you can mount your CF disk and create a new file in the /boot/grub/ directory. The file is a single line :

(hd0) /dev/hda

Now when you boot, OpenWRT should work fine.

If you notice anything unusual or interesting , do leave a comment.