OpenWRT packages for x86 , PCEngines Wrap Boards

Its been a while now since we ported OpenWRT to the pcengines platform which uses the x86 architecture. In this process, we have compiled quite a few of packages to run on it. These packages can be downloaded at . Any new packages will be added to the list. In case you would like to see a package, leave a request in the comments.


2 thoughts on “OpenWRT packages for x86 , PCEngines Wrap Boards

  1. I have many WRAP boards in the field running StarOS 2 as access points. As these boards fail, I replace with ALIX boards.
    Do you have a build (Kamikaze 8 ) for WRAP and ALIX that I can install Chillispot 1.1.0 on. This would allow me to replace the StarOS.

    • Its been a while since I have worked on this. I think i was using version 7 in kamikaze. It would be best to build kamikaze from scratch, there should be a good tutorial on the openwrt site. There are x86 binaries also available :

      Then you can always add the chillispot package on top of this which you can either compile on your own or the binary might be already there.

      I never actually got to build on ALIX, but i would think that it would be similar to WRAP since both have a x86 background.

      Let me know if you need any further help.

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