Becoming a kid again

It was 10 months ago i think, perhaps sometime in early July. It was SP’s enthusiasm for the outdoors or maybe DJ’s craze for everything German , whatever it was it woke us all up – including Tushar to head out for river rafting trip to New Braunsfels. I have no clue why am i writing about it since it was never very eventful we spent 4 hours driving , a 4 hour drive coming back and sometime spent in between, all in a single day.

Perhaps it was the time spent in between which was special. The three hour journey through the river made us travel back in time. Swimming , jumping from tree ropes into the river, cracking jokes. DJ was like a fish in the water, SP was like the water in the fish and Tushar was well Tushar :). The whole time travel journey was made even more fun by our 6 foot hefty guide who had little secrets to tell us about the river. Even the river had a story to tell. It was  just plain good old fun 🙂 Absolutely delightful.


We all are in different places now. Hope we get to meet again sometime

the river has its own story to tell