where do you get off?

where do you get off?, originally uploaded by vivekian.

Taken near Stevens Creek Trail, Mountain View

So I got talking to Anand today about how our idealistic view about friendships has changed as we have gotten older, from being something selfless towards being need based. According to his analogy, we get on at different train stations, spend some good times together as convenient, and then get off once our station arrives, forgetting our former companions, as we make new friends.

I guess a lot of stuff in this world is ephemeral, including human life itself. Not everything lasts forever, except perhaps for a few good memories. Having been a nomad most my life, I still think fondly of people whom I am not in touch with, but have spend some memorable times with. Does that not count for anything at all? We did impact each others lives in some small ways at least, showing perspectives which did not exist before.

We did get off at different stations, but there must be some speck in the space time continuum and maybe in our hearts where those moments live. At least I hope so 🙂


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