learning new programming languages.

I was listening to a podcast from a former university professor, and he talks about how its useful to learn a new programming language every year. I guess what he says is true. A programming language does influence the way you design and think. A new language provides more perspectives on how the same problem can be solved. Sometimes the new perspectives provide a more cleaner, quicker to code, and concise solution.

I felt strongly about this while learning a bit about JavaScript. Its emphasis on functional programming and dynamic typing stands it completely apart from a traditional statically typed language like C++.

If you get a chance, do explore a bit. There is more than one way to solve the problem. And maybe its better.

A new year

The new year has been quite busy. Tons of work. And I made a few resolutions:

    cut down coffee. replace with green tea, or ginger tea.
    more exercise. atleast thrice a week.
    keep in touch with friends and family. have a ‘real social network.

I hope i stick to this :). no grand ambitions plans. Happy new year to all of you.