learning new programming languages.

I was listening to a podcast from a former university professor, and he talks about how its useful to learn a new programming language every year. I guess what he says is true. A programming language does influence the way you design and think. A new language provides more perspectives on how the same problem can be solved. Sometimes the new perspectives provide a more cleaner, quicker to code, and concise solution.

I felt strongly about this while learning a bit about JavaScript. Its emphasis on functional programming and dynamic typing stands it completely apart from a traditional statically typed language like C++.

If you get a chance, do explore a bit. There is more than one way to solve the problem. And maybe its better.


One thought on “learning new programming languages.

  1. Agree with you Aseeja… same logic can be implemented in much optimised manner in different programming languages. Like JQuery, its making life soo simple for us, no need of hard to debug Javascript. And best part is intellisense, it being integrated in VS.

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