Sunnymount Produce Closes.

This was the nicest place to shop for grocery in Sunnyvale. The fruits and vegetables were always fresh and priced reasonably. The variety was quite good as well. And it had the most eclectic collection of nuts, pulses, chocolate wafers, cereal. I could easily spend an hour here sometimes, walking through this small shop, contemplating to buy the jams, bread, yogurt and what not. It was sad to see this place close down. It has reopened as Felipe Stores, and I did not see any of the old faces  :(.  Also the homely interiors have vanished, replaced with drab grey walls. None of the exquisite items I used to find here are present now. Oh how I miss the wonderful horse driven cart stationed right outside the store. I might go back and shop at the new place again, but only to remember Sunnymount Produce.