San Francisco Diaries

After being nudged for a while by a friend to do a photo essay, decided to finally give it a shot. I have always found San Francisco to be charming, eclectic, liberal, and beautiful. When I do visit San Francisco, its to show a visiting friend around to see the most popular spots. But its rare that I get a chance to see the everyday life in SF and its weird ways. And I guess there is a small part in me which aspires to be a photo journalist. Photographs do their own talking, so  enough words for now :). Hope you enjoy seeing these snapshots as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Skate Boarding at the Ferry Building

Art students drawing the Bay Bridge

Art students drawing the Bay Bridge near the Ferry Building

Jogger at the Telegraph Hill

Happy Jogger at the Telegraph Hill (She was so happy that she was being clicked 🙂

He was as enthusiastic as anyone gets to get his snaps clicked.

I could not believe my eyes, when I saw a guy dressed in a Suit running down the slope. But he was kind enough to let me shoot him. But what a sight 🙂

Bus driver fixing the power line on the bus.

Pretty girl at street crossing.

Students at train stop

Sunnymount Produce Closes.

This was the nicest place to shop for grocery in Sunnyvale. The fruits and vegetables were always fresh and priced reasonably. The variety was quite good as well. And it had the most eclectic collection of nuts, pulses, chocolate wafers, cereal. I could easily spend an hour here sometimes, walking through this small shop, contemplating to buy the jams, bread, yogurt and what not. It was sad to see this place close down. It has reopened as Felipe Stores, and I did not see any of the old faces  :(.  Also the homely interiors have vanished, replaced with drab grey walls. None of the exquisite items I used to find here are present now. Oh how I miss the wonderful horse driven cart stationed right outside the store. I might go back and shop at the new place again, but only to remember Sunnymount Produce.

learning new programming languages.

I was listening to a podcast from a former university professor, and he talks about how its useful to learn a new programming language every year. I guess what he says is true. A programming language does influence the way you design and think. A new language provides more perspectives on how the same problem can be solved. Sometimes the new perspectives provide a more cleaner, quicker to code, and concise solution.

I felt strongly about this while learning a bit about JavaScript. Its emphasis on functional programming and dynamic typing stands it completely apart from a traditional statically typed language like C++.

If you get a chance, do explore a bit. There is more than one way to solve the problem. And maybe its better.

A new year

The new year has been quite busy. Tons of work. And I made a few resolutions:

    cut down coffee. replace with green tea, or ginger tea.
    more exercise. atleast thrice a week.
    keep in touch with friends and family. have a ‘real social network.

I hope i stick to this :). no grand ambitions plans. Happy new year to all of you.