A kind word

I was just reminiscing about some old times in Houston and I remembered the time when I used to take the bus to the university because we just shared one car in the family. I generally had to change two buses which was okay if I made it in time by 5:00pm, but if I got late and the bus service stopped, my Dad had to pick me up half way through. 

There was this one time though when our car was in service and I was late from the university. I missed my last connection to the bus 70 after already having changed 2 buses and was about 4 miles away from home. I had no choice but to walk which I interspersed with some running. It was a lonely walk – not many people walk in Houston (unless they are in the gym or on a dedicated trail). To top it off, It had been drizzling the entire day, but at that time the rain picked up and I was soaking in no time. 

I was exhausted and hungry. I came across a gas station, where I bought some peanuts to refuel myself. The lady at the counter was busy talking on the phone with someone. She  saw me, kept the phone aside for a second and said ‘take care there now‘ and had empathy in her eyes.

It was not much, but even after all these years, I still remember those kind words. That is perhaps the strength of kindness – it lingers on. It may not count much to some folks, but for what its worth, a kind word never goes waste. If nothing, it certainly warms the heart. 

Next time you get a chance, be nice. Someone may remember what you said for a long time.