Wherever You May Go

Wherever You May Go ( David Coverdale ) — Courtesy Debajit

You mean the world to me
More than I can say
And when I look at you
It takes my breath away
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Leaving Houston

Its been a week now since leaving Houston, TX, so in a way this post is a week late. But perhaps its better this way, now that i can look back and understand more of what is being missed. The Bayou City has been a different and enriching experience and I take a lot of wonderful memories with it. Some places which always will be remembered :

1. Waterfall next to Galleria

2. The All Night Starbucks

3. AMC 30

4. Galveston

5. Huntsville State Park

6. Brazos Bend State Park

7. Hermann Park

8. Marquee

9. 2412, Yorktown St

10. University of Houston

Its not for the faint hearted  to stay in this city. Though it might look a little charmless in the beginning, it grows on you and lives with you.

Some very beautiful memories. Special thanks to everyone at Wiser for being the most enjoyable people to work with.